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All you need to know

Limin’, or the verb to lime, refers to “the art of doing nothing.” Trinidadians have, over the years, perfected that particular art form and taken it to the next level.

The word limin’ was originally derived from the English colonialists who were once called limeys. As these limeys hung out on the corners and by the wayside doing nothing, the locals soon called that particular pastime liming.

Trinidad & Tobago’s food and music reflect the same diversity seen in the different ethnic groups that make up our multicultural society. You’ll enjoy the flavors and rhythms showcasing Indian, African, Creole, Chinese, Spanish, and other European influences, and they all blend into a unique Trinidadian sensation.

Because of our multicultural population, Trinidad & Tobago has embraced the customs, traditions, and folklore of many regions of the world. The greatest show on earth, Carnival, is a big celebration of song and dance, culminating in a glorious pageantry of swirling humanity celebrating life and freedom from restraint.

We’ve perfected the art of doing nothing and having fun, and we’re ready to share that with you.